About Us

Exima Group is a multinational trading, sourcing and import – export development company. The headquarters is located in Istanbul which is a very strategic point considering international trades. Years of experience let us to build strategic partnership with many manufacturers all around the world and we had chance to widen our team globally.

Today we supply raw materials for leading manufacturers all around the world with the optimum price & quality options and that allows them to increase their profit margin. Beside we work hard to let their final products to meet respectable clients and also we find them new markets, investment oppurtunities and new projects to grow their businesses.

Working with Exima group will eleminate many hard works in your production, marketing and sales projects and you will feel so far the ease of doing global trading. All tangling intricacies for your strategic goals will be solved by the people in your target market always and it will be just a matter of time to reach your goals with Exima Group.