Apricot Stone Powder, Apricot stone powder in industrial

Apricot Stone Powder In Industrial Abrasives Products

What is Apricot Kernel Powder?

Apricote Stones are the shells of apricot kernel. These shells are turned into granules in different sizes with consistent particle shape, color and a long shelf life.
Its unique characteristics and high anti bacterial properties make it a very important plant based ingredient for different sectors.

Why Apricot Kernel Powder?

Pure and clean apricot stone granule in desired sizes is a high quality ingredient for cosmetic, food and industrial products.
Especially in cosmetics, European laws require that the manufacturers should phase out synthetic microbeads. After that, apricot grit has become a very important bio-based raw material alternative.

Using Apricot Kernel Powder Industrial Abrasives Products

Apricot Stone Powder provide a very effective abrasion without the risk of damaging the underlying parts as a replacement for silica. It is a very popular biodegradable ingredient for aircraft engines and steam turbines cleaning.

Why Apricot Kernel Powder!
What is Apricot Kernel Powder?

Other Uses of Apricot Kernel Powder

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