Pistachios Shell Powder

We ground pistachio shells into fine powders or coarser granules with the highest quality standards. Our production capacity is very high due to the strong production of pistachio in Turkey.

Argan Shell Powder

We supply argan shell granules which has a very high energy content.  This characteristic makes it an excellent biofuel. We ferine argan shells and transform them into a brown powder.

Almond Shell Powder

We supply micronized almond shells as an ingredient for bio-based skincare formulas. Almond shells are natural alternative to microplastics. They are soft and works as natural exfoliants.

Peach Stone Powder

We supply crushed peach stones. It is very similar to apricot stone. Peach shell powder consist of cellulose and lignin. We are turn this shell into high-grade powders.

Walnut Shell Powder

We supply walnut shells granules by walnut processing. It is mainly for the food industry. Walnuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein, B-vitamins and minerals. Our granules have sharp edges, but we can minimize scratching by choosing a smaller grain size range.

Avocado Stone Powder

We supply avocado stone powder with high oil content. Avocado stone granules has very soft consistence and it is used in small grain sizes. It has an orange color and that makes it stand out fromother fruit stone powders.

Apricot Stone Powder

We supply pure and clean apricot Stone Powder as a quality ingredient for cosmetic and food products. Our apricot stone powder is produced from fresh stones. We guarantee superior quality of our granules, consistent particle shape, color and a long shelf life.

Olive Stone Powder

We supply fine olive stone powder. This special additive is  with a water absorption rate as low as 0.15 ml/g and works as fully natural and bio-based additive.