Insulated Loft House 4.3 X 6.3 M

Code: LHI2402
Exterior Painting (+900 Eur): 


  • Insulated (150 mm) Loft House from spruce;
  • Insulated (150 mm) roof panels with self-adhesive bitumen membrane;
  • Insulated (100 mm) wooden floor;
  • Insulated full panel walls;
  • Insulated full panel wall with small opening window (500 x 500 mm);
  • Insulated full panel walls with glass package windows;
  • Wooden glass walls with glass package;
  • Wooden door with a lock;
  • Sliding door with decorative glass for shower room;
  • Rainwater pipes;
  • Ventilation;
  • Terrace made from corrugated spruce wood with frame;
  • Different spaces: sitting room, shower room.

Delivery: from 12 weeks. Loft House is delivered to the customer not assembled, but with detailed  assembly instructions and drawings packed on a pallets (KIT).

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